Understanding SANS 369 as a Commissioner / Serviceman


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This is one of our many SAQCC-Fire Accredited training courses for individuals interested in registering as a Gaseous Fire Extinguishing and Suppression System Commissioner.

This training course is for learners to gain knowledge of the SANS 369 National Standard for the Operation of Gas Systems which includes the planning, installation and servicing of equipment for the operation of gas systems.

Learners who complete this course will obtain knowledge of how to assess, installcommission and maintain the operation components for gas systems. This also bears significance for the Fire Detection and Alarm System Commissioner / Serviceman.

Topics Covered in this training course are as follows:

  • Scope of SANS 369
  • System design
  • Electrical actuation - Fire detection
  • Electrical actuation - Control and Indicating equipment
  • Electrical actuation - Power supplies and wiring
  • Electrical actuation - Hand over procedures
  • Electrical actuation - Servicing
  • Mechanical actuation - Thermal link systems
  • Mechanical actuation - Pneumatic systems
  • Mechanical actuation - Manual release devices
  • Mechanical actuation - Commissioning and Hand over procedures
  • Mechanical actuation - Servicing


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